I can do better
than the mirror in saying
you are beautiful.

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in the middle of something

You thrilled me with your smile
and flushed me with its radiance,
as if it was a familiar sunshine
I’ve always longed to melt into.

You drowned me in your eyes
and alarmed me with its light,
I can get lost or live forever
blinded by your tender glow.

You aroused me with your touch
and struck me with its subtlety,
every cell in me is yours to take
enveloped within your entirety.

You blessed me with your soul
and adorned me with its fire,
I am flickering with burning love
enough to last this sweet lifetime.


I’ve been listening to
the wind for a while now,
as it told me about tales

of love lost and love
drowned, of love forgotten
and love unbound.

So one day I decided
to tell the wind my own
story, and soon enough

the rain cared to listen,
too. All three of us,
we wept.